Web3 enthusiast? Crypto skeptic? Decentralization utopian? Metaverse luddite? We'd love you to join us. Hang out with the Metaverse Reading Group, network with other MIT and outside folks interested in the metaverse, eat tacos.

May, Thursday 19th 12:30
Hayden Library Courtyard @ MIT
Everyone's welcome!
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Thinking through the Metaverse
Politics and Aesthetics

Thinking through the Metaverse is a reading group led by MIT students in Comparative Media Studies. It will explore pressing questions related to the governance challenges, artistic potentials, and financial implications of decentralized worlds.

Students from all programs at MIT and universities in the Boston area are invited to apply. The reading group will meet twice a month, Thursdays at 12:30. Lunch will be provided. Meetings will be in-person at MIT and not recorded. If you join us, please plan to attend all meetings.

Interested in joining? Apply before Feburary 20th to join our first meeting. Rolling admissions during the rest of the semester.

Questions? srushti@mit.edu or tguarna@mit.edu

Background image by Decentraland Foundation. Illustrative purposes, not affiliated with this reading group.